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We used to ask customers for a review at the end of their project and then copy it here, with a link to the project video. But over the last few years so many companies have sprung up claiming to be attic conversion specialists and putting reviews on their sites that could have been written by anyone.

So! rather than do that, now we'd like to guide you to the following major websites where customer reviews cannot be cheated, so you know exactly what our customers think about us, our work and how we treat both them and their homes.

http://www.yell.com/biz/edinburgh-and-fife-attic-conversions-dunfermline-7318745/    (Yell.com)

http://www.freeindex.co.uk/profile(edinburgh-fife-attic-conversions)_405560.htm  (Freeindex.com)

And last but not least our Facebook page where we post up daily pictures of on going projects where customers and the general public can make comment throughout the build. And where previous customers can leave reviews so prospective customers can see the profile of the actual person leaving the review.


There are so many unscrupulous people working in the building industry. We like to think we distance ourselves as much as possible from the general perception of the average builder by being as open and honest as possible, and by sharing our work and being interactive via our Facebook page both with customers previous and prospective and with the general public.