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(We'll have an online enquiry form on the site in the next few days, i just have to work out how to forward each enquiry to our email address which goes directly to my phone....When it comes to attics, there's nothing i can't do or don't know, but the internet, not so much! i'll get there though, I just need a little time to work it out.

As every enquiry is important to us, please contact us by any of the means below, and Ray (named in lots of our online testimonials) will be back in contact with you the same day to discuss your project.

E.mail kingdomconversions@hotmail.co.uk

Or for immediate attention call Ray on 07933750304

Or please feel free to visit our Facebook page where you can see and interact with former clients, read testimonials and actually speak with the people that wrote them. Watch us day to day as we post up photos of current projects and make comment or leave enquiries via the mailing function.